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This trio presents the scintillating voice of one of Ireland’s finest sean-nós singers, Róisín Elsafty together with the very rare and meltingly beautiful sound of the medieval Irish harp, played by Ireland’s foremost historical harper, Siobhán Armstrong, woven with the diverse colours of Ronan Browne’s flutes, whistles and 170-year-old pipes.

From sparkling songs to harp laments and old pipes “pieces”, we are given a glimpse of the unique sound of early Ireland.  Róisín performs evocative unaccompanied songs in the florid Conamara style, together with achingly beautiful 17th & 18th century Irish harpers’ songs with harp and flute accompaniment.  Playing a facsimile copy of Ireland’s national emblem – and Europe’s oldest surviving harp, the medieval Trinity College harp – in the ancient manner, with fingernails striking brass, silver and gold strings, Siobhán plays the compositions of the old Irish harper-composers.  Ronan’s flat pitch Union pipes, dating from the 1840s, have that rich tone which makes you want to curl up and snuggle deep into their rumbling purr as he performs old airs, marches and jigs.

The coming together of these three musical minds with their deep fascination, love and respect for that past which created our present, makes for a warm, informative and joyous evening’s entertainment.

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Elsafty, Armstrong & Browne