3 members play & sing (See attached Stage Plan)

Middle: Desi 1.Vocal/Flute

             Left: Ronan 1.Drones, 2.Chanter, 3.Vocal/Flute                             Right: Sean 1.Vocal, 2.Bouzouki


      1. SM58s on tall boom stands - no condensers if possible

      2. (we are most used to the sound and response of the 58s)

  1. Extra

      1. Ronan: High stool with no arms (pumping air to bag)

      2. Ronan & Desi: Blacked table between us to lay instruments

  2. Lights

      1. Low lights, as heat puts the instruments out of tune

  3. Monitors

      1. 3 mixes (1 each) but if only two are available:

      2. Mix 1: Left/Right & Mix 2: Middle

  4. Music

      1. The set is 50% Songs & 50% Instrumentals

      2. Many of the songs are a cappella.

  5. Desk

      1. We leave most of the sound decisions to you except for three:

      2. 1. Sean's bouzouki - big bottom like Guitar, not mandolin

      3. 2. Ronan's chanter remove top to make a "fatter" sound

      4. 3. Ronan sometimes sings low pitched harmonies so you may have to ride the fader a bit

  6. To hear / see our music and stage set-up:     &       


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