Delia Murphy


Delia Murphy’s name is synonymous with her songs, among them If I were a Blackbird, The Spinning Wheel and Three Lovely Lassies.  

Throughout her life Delia balanced writing, recording and performing her songs with a hectic life as the wife of one of Ireland’s most celebrated ambassadors, TJ Kiernan.  From the 1920s to the 1960s they lived in London, Rome, Canberra, Bonn, Ottawa and Washington as TJ Kiernan was posted to various Irish embassies around the world.

Delia made records in London, Dublin and New York, performed regularly on radio and appeared in the 1938 film West of Kerry.  She was an extrovert, who liked and was liked by many people.

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  1.  If I Were a Blackbird

  2.  Down by the Glenside

  3.  Paddy Lynch’s Boat 

  4.  The Spinning Wheel 

  5.  Three Lovely Lassies

  6.  As I Walked Out

  7.  The Boston Burglar 

  8.  Coortin’ in the Kitchen 

  9.  The Girl from Donegal 

10.  The Lowlands of Holland

11.  The Moonshiner

12.  Reilly the Fisherman

13.  The Roving Journeyman 

14.  Send Back My Barney

15.  The Shepherd’s Lamb

16.  The Bantry Girl’s Lament

17.  The Croppy Boy

18.  I Was Told By My Aunt

19.  I Wish that I Never Was Wed

20.  Jackets Green

21.  Reynard the Fox