Louis  ‘n’  Ronan
“...ceol borb, brúidiúil, leochaileach, soghonta, cúthaileach, crosta 
— díreach ar nós 
na ndánta 

Descartes, Isaac Newton, Galileo and Stephen Hawking lurk in the lush undergrowth of this intriguing collaboration.  Anchored by the sensual Irish language poetry of Louis de Paor, piper Ronan Browne doesn’t so much paint an aural landscape as stitch it seamlessly around every syllable, swaddling de Paor’s richly spoken words in a tapestry laden with left-field sound samples and quotidian reminders of life’s ordinary magic.  The sheer cinematic scope of Browne’s music is revelatory, sundered from any cosy notions of traditional music convention.  Armenian duduk, keyboards and the spine-tingling vocals of Zahrah and Naisrín Elsafty dig deeper still beneath the skin of de Paor’s compelling poetry.  A revelatory collaboration that glistens in the heat forged by its own spirit of adventure.

—Siobhán Long, The Ticket, The Irish Times

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