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The hauntingly romantic Irish pipes guarantee to be a stunning addition to your wedding.  Long after the flowers are gone and the last piece of cake has been posted overseas, one of the most cherished memories may just be the sound of the Uilleann pipes.

While many people have heard pipes before, they are always moved by this gentle giant of an instrument.  It fills your senses and is fascinating to watch; the tone is deep & complex with wonderful high harmonics, the low earthy growl of the three drones providing a primeval bed over which the chanter melody & regulator chords soar.

The sound of the pipes, interspersed with pieces on the flute and whistle, beautifully ties together the different sections of your wedding ceremony.

Uilleann Pipes, Flutes & Whistles
“What more could a bride ask for on her wedding day than the feeling of magic in the air?”

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This video was shot and edited by Niall from Complete Weddings Videographers.  It was shot in beautiful Longford Cathedral which sadly burned down shortly after we made the video.

Uilleann Pipes, Flutes & Whistles for your Wedding Ceremony
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Alison & Ben:
Ceremony Music
The Instruments Themselves

The pipes I play date from around the time of the Great Famine in Ireland.  They are very mellow with that deep rich purr that only an old set can produce.  They were made in Cork city by a Mr. Denis Harrington.  Very little is known about him except that he disappeared in the 1850s.  There are only a few full sets of his pipes left in existence: an early set in a museum in the north of England, a later set stolen from a London museum in the 1970s, another late set in France, and I have the remaining pipes, dating from between 1840 and 1860.  As you can imagine I am over the moon to possess them not to mention the amazing sound...

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My flute is a modern instrument made by Master maker Martin Doyle.  It has a gorgeous tone and it always plays beautifully.  It is a deceptively simple instrument with no keys or other adornments but the sound is the music of angels...!!!

Lastly, as well as the common “tin whistle”, the wooden whistles I play come from India yet they are perfect for playing Irish music. 

Haunting and evocative, they make the perfect foil for the pipes.

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