The Music

Some Ideas as to Choice of Instrument

  1. 1.It’s nice to start and finish with pipes although flute has been good too (doing Gabriel's Oboe as you walk up the aisle)

  2. 2.1st candles: low whistle (something short as it's over very quickly)

  3. 3.2nd candles: the same (or similar) piece but done on the (louder) flute this time as there may be clapping...

  4. 4.Offertory and Sign of Peace work very well with Ag Críost an Síol and Tabhair dom do Láimh, both on pipes.

  5. 5.Communion: I recommend low whistle, then tin whistle for a possible 2nd piece.  If you want to make your priest VERY happy, do Ave Maria and/or Panis Angelicus...

  6. 6.If you would like a musical reflection after communion the low whistle works very well.  Equally, you could have someone read something and I can just stay quiet [or I could play some background notes low and quiet beneath their voice – YUM...!]

  7. 7.Signing the register – best on pipes &/or whistles as there'll be a lot of talking and these instruments don't demand attention as much as the flute 

  8. 8.Photos: really a continuation of the signing so more of the pipes/whistles

  9. 9.Going down the aisle pipes are nicest, I think.  Everyone hears the beginning,  then they'll clap as you head off down to the door and the pipes will be drowned out for a while.  As the clapping dies down, the pipes are heard again and I'll keep playing on until boredom sets in, at which point you’re long gone and are shaking hands with your family & pals...!!!

Click for Civil Ceremony Music Picker

Click for Church Ceremony Music Picker

Various Sections of Catholic Church Ceremony

(This list is a good starting point for a Church of Ireland ceremony too. 

For a civil wedding, you are less tied to particular parts of

the ceremony and can have much more freedom)


(Background music as your guests arrive and chat)

A selection of pieces on various instruments

Processional Music

(As the bride walks up the aisle)

Gabriel's Oboe - Uilleann Pipes

Planxty Power - Uilleann Pipes

Tabhair Dom Do Láimh - Uilleann Pipes

Light individual Candles (very brief)

(Bride & Groom light a candle each, representing their single lives up till this point)

Sí Bheag Sí Mhór - Low Whistle

Planxty Irwin - Low Whistle

Responsorial Psalm

(Often sung, but a gentle piece of music is gorgeous here)

The Fort of the Fairy Queen - Low Whistle

The Wexford Carol - Low Whistle

Light unity candle  (...& Applause!)

(Bride & Groom light a single candle to symbolise their future life together)

Sí Bheag Sí Mhór - Flute

The Fort of the Fairy Queen

Planxty Irwin - Uilleann Pipes

Contentment is Wealth - Flute

Offertory Procession

(Music played as the gifts are brought up from the back of the church)

Ag Críost an Síol - Uilleann Pipes

Sign of Peace

(Music for while the congregation are shaking hands with each other)

Tabhair Dom Do Láimh - Uilleann Pipes

Planxty Irwin - Uilleann Pipes


(Music as the congregation receives Holy Communion)

Ave Maria - Low Whistle

Panis Angelicus - Low Whistle

Black is the Colour - Tin Whistle

The Mountains of Mourne - G Whistle

My Lagan Love - Uilleann Pipes


(Piece of music directly after the communion

as the priest is “tidying up”)

Limerick's Lamentation - Low Whistle

Cape Clear - Low Whistle

Signing of the Register  &

Photographs on the Altar

(Music here can be a little lighter in tone and feeling)

A selection of pieces on various instruments

Recessional Music

(Played as the Bride & Groom exit the church)

Carolan's Concerto - Uilleann Pipes

Haste to the Wedding - Uilleann Pipes

I arrive good & early so my instruments are warmed up and the first guests arrive to music wafting out the door to greet them!

Everything is organised, my position is picked and all is ready...

Your Wedding Day

The choice of Music

Use the info below including downloads or go straight to the Music Picker Form where you can choose the music you’d like including any ideas you have yourself.  There is another music player there so you can audition pieces as you browse through the choices.



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All works perfectly in the other browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.)

There are many choices you can make ranging from pieces which are well known to your guests, through to lesser-known pieces which you like yourself.

Feel free to mix and match - the list is just a starting point.  Root around in the music player on the right to hear the pieces exactly as they would sound at the ceremony.

If you have any requests which are not here, just let me know and I’ll learn them and then let you know how well they work on my instruments.

[If the music player doesn’t load below, click HERE to go  directly to it]

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